Under New Management!!!

Re-Manufacture Your Machine

We understand here at VendReady that drink and snack machines are only profitable if they are performing. Our vending machine refurbishing process is very rigorous and is back behind a 90-day warranty. We take your used machine and transform it into a like new workhorse.                                               


In the last 14 years, we have worked to develop a cost-efficient remodeling process that makes old machines look and perform like they are brand new. We pride ourselves on our rigorous refurbishing process and are competent you will be 100% satisfied. 

  1. You can expect your machine to be completely inspected from bolt to bolt.
  2. You will be notified of all issues well as a detailed parts list needed. 
  3. You can expect your machine to be resurfaced and painted.
  4. Graphics of your choice is available for at an additional cost.
  5. All electronics to be tested.
  6. 72-Hour refrigeration testing.
  7. Every motor and or column vend tested with product a minimum of 10 times.
  8. Control Board upgraded if needed.
  9. All worn and broken parts replaced.
  10. 90 Day Parts Warranty

In addition to the above short 10 list, we can upgrade you with 

  1. Flash port validator to take 5's
  2. 4 to 6 tube Coin mech that can dispense dollar coins or hold extra quarters $30-$60
  3. Pay Range mobile payments
  4. Credit Card Reader and Telemetry 
  5. New casters
  6. Surge protector
  7. High-Security hockey puck lock installed
  8. High- Security Plug Lock
  9. Trade out The plastic mask on the VN validator for metal 
  10. Revision Doors
VendReady puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into our refurbishment process, in order to ensure that you are completely satisfied as well as your customers so call today and let's talk your machine 1-800-492-1219




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