Healthy Vending Without the Healthy Price

Healthy Vending Machines?


I see all these ads posted on different social media sites and other avenues of marketing that say "Get your Healthy Vending Machine"! What exactly is a "Healthy Vending Machine"? It's a regular vending machine with graphics to promote a healthier lifestyle, which I am for, along with healthier choices. What I DON'T like is the companies who are selling these machines for an OUTRAGEOUS amount to non-vendors and new vendors who seem to be sucked into this phenomenon. Only to find out a few months later that it doesn't work in most cases without having to throw away most of your product.

My writing is not intended to discourage the buying of new equipment or not to wrap your machines with graphics. However, I would like to help educate non-vendors and new vendors of why you do not need to overspend on equipment that is covered in "Healthy Vending" graphics that I believe just take advantage of you.

I still encourage vendors to keep promoting healthier choices in your machines and wrapping your equipment in whatever you like to keep vending new and inviting.

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