Coinco Vantage VX63B45USU2 Bill Validator

Regular price $229.99

The Coinco Vantage bill acceptor is a one of a kind in its class.  Featuring the first in the industry water sealed bill path, the Vantage bill acceptor is the beginning of a new era, introducing new capabilities, such as 3 levels of anti-cheat and anti stringing security, quick release bezels, expandable bill boxes, and real-time bill denominations accepted tracker. This bill validator has been completely remanufactured to OEM Specification. 

  • $1, $5, $10, $20 bill acceptance
  • 4-way acceptance
  • 1st Time Acceptance
  • Quick-release bezel 
  • Capture new customers with eye-catching impulse lights
  • Sculpted 360° illuminated bezel 
  • Automated self-diagnostics 
  • 24 Volt, MDB, 6 Pin
  • 90-day Warranty 
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