Seaga Extreme Outdoor Vending Machine

Regular price $4,910.00

Let the Seaga extreme high-security snack/beverage combo take away your worry about putting a vending machine in an outdoor environment. You will be able to vend all your favorite snacks and beverages in this full size vendor. The fully refrigerated snack/ beverage combo with deluxe high security package allows you to vend the large variety of snacks, food, and beverages of any model of its size.

The Seaga high-security package opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the most demanding locations. This indoor vendor has brilliant state of the art LED lighting systems that can also allow you to go into energy savings mode during off-peak hours.

  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Interlock Door Construction for Added Security
  • Included 5 tube coin mechanism
  • Accepts 1's and 5's. Can be set to take 10's and 20's
  • Optional Credit Card Reader
  • ADA Compliant 
  • Scroll Pricing Display
  • High-Efficiency Refrigeration
  • Slide-In Cooling Deck
  • Theft-Deterrent Plates for Hight Security
  • UV Protected Paint 
  • Reinforced Cabinet Locking T-Handle Cover
  • Triple Efficiency Glass
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
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