UCB KIT, FOR AP 6000/7000

Regular price $349.00

The UCB, is a Universal Control Board that provides both stability and added features that will upgrade your machine to accept today’s technological advancements. Take old, outdated vending machines and give them new purpose with the UCB.

Features Include:

 Customizable – Easily change pricing, selections, and LED lighting with quick programming instructions. 
 Dual Cashless – Add credit card readers, blu-tooth devices, or school payment systems on one device and manage two payments at once. 
 Main/Auxiliary – Control up to 3 machines off a single control board. 
 New Display – The UCB comes with a new digital display with automatic discounting, to spruce up your machine. 
 VMS Compatible – Adding the UCB allows you to better manage your entire platform, because it is VMS compatible – track sales, update DEX information. 
 Upgrades – Allows your machine to be both DEX & MDB capable. 

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