ePort Vending Machine Credit Card Reader | ePort G9
ePort Vending Machine Credit Card Reader | ePort G9

USA T ePort G9 Vending Machine Credit Card Reader Kit

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The ePort G9 card reader is part of the two-piece ePort G9 card reader and telemeter package. It supports magnetic card swipe, credit cards, debit cards as well as contactless and mobile wallets utilizing NFC payment solutions. The G9 Card Reader is compatible with older ePort telemeters. The ePort G9 card reader can be mounted on any surface of the vending machine or up to 3ft away. This kit does include The ePort G9 telemeter which can be used as a stand-alone, audit-only device and with other card reading hardware.

USA Technologies ePort Connect G9 payment systems offers all the full features of the online reporting system which provides access to your cash and detailed credit/debit sales and accounting reconciliation reports right from your desktop. USA T is constantly enhancing USALive to bring our customers the business information they need.

When it comes to choosing the correct cashless payment system for your vending business it comes down to key features, customer service, and technical support. USA Technologies offers the most friendly 24/7 customer support for all vending operators. This is perfect for all those vending business that operate at night and have a credit card failure. 



Remote Management
Real Time Reports 
Health Vendig Alets
Mobile Wallet Ready
Customer Support 24/7
Fast Transaction Processing
Monthly Fee: $7.95 per month, per device
Transaction Fee: 5.95% for purchases under $2, larger transactions incur a smaller fee per transaction